Do you know Bekina Boots and Neotane material?
Bekina Boots develops and manufactures professional safety boots made using NEOTANE material, the advanced formulation of polyurethane. Our boots have extraordinary features. They are light, insulating, comfortable and strong. They provide excellent protection against dirt and have an optimal chemical resistance.

The Power of Bekina Boots!
Bekina Boots are 40% lighter than rubber or PVC boots, have a high insulation value and last three times longer. This is due to the excellent performance of our high-quality polyurethane material: NEOTANE.

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Stay safe!
Our industry boots are tailor-made for dirty and heavy work. This is necessary when you're out there giving it your all in the danger zone, between falling heavy objects, protruding nails and other sharp objects. All our industry boots also offer superior grip (SRC certified) and are available with safety toe and midsole.

Tested and approved by professionals
Bekina Boots are constantly looking for the ultimate comfort and for practical innovations to optimise your safety. Whenever we introduce a new boot for the industry, we first have it tested by our test panels of professionals. Their feedback on the design, fit, comfort level and safety are essential to the subsequent production process.

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Sunday 14th August 2022