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The Zoll AED Plus ensures rescuers respond appropriately whilst resuscitating a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. It teaches them quickly and simply through every important step of the rescue process. Only the AED Plus with its exclusive , one piece electrode can measure the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR. It immediately tells rescuers how well compressions are being performed.

• Semi Automatic defibrillator analyses heart and delivers shock with the press of a button
• Easy to place one piece electrode providing more time to focus on rescue
• Fixed escalating energy (120J,150J,200J)
• Metronome for CPR compression rate
• CPR help technology provides real time feedback on depth and rate of compressions
• Configurable automatic self tests from 1 to 7 days
• 50 mins of ECG and Rescue data
• Powered by 10 lithium batteries
• Carry case included
• 5-year warranty (plus 2 years if registered with Zoll)
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Monday 16th September 2019