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Beeswift are a proud supplier of DuPont Personal Protection, a brand that is committed to supporting PPE users with consistent safety training in bio-chemical hazards, fire, electric arc, mechanical injuries and many more topics.

DuPont have recently launched their new webinar series named 15’ Safety Connect. In these unprecedented times, remaining productive can be a challenge but in these 15 minute webinars, experts will give you the latest exclusive insights on different safety topics. Each week a new episode will be released in a unique new format for on-demand training that you can watch at any time, any place.

The first episode ‘Knowing Protection Better - Permeation vs. Penetration’ was released on the 19th May 2020. The team of experts discussed the most important aspects of chemical protection and how to understand the difference between permeation and penetration, outlining the difference between both processes and providing advice for what materials are safest for hazards.

The second episode of the series will be published on the 2nd June 2020, ‘Knowing Protection Better – Chemical Protection Standards’. The DuPont experts will give an overview and explanation of different standards linked to chemical protection, explaining what they mean, how the tests are performed and how they can guide the user to make the appropriate protection solution choices.

All you need to do is register and watch the training DuPont experts have prepared for you.

You can register for the 15’ Safety Connect series here: https://www.dupont.co.uk/personal-protection/15-min-safety-connect-series.html

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