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Posted on: 22/07/20 at: 10:08 in Technical

Bump Cap v Hard Hat: Which head protection do you need?

We thought it would be great to share with you the information you need when deciding when you need a bump cap, and when you need a hard hat. Bump caps are designed to protect against small impacts, for example a bump to the head. A hard hat is designed to protect against heavier items falling or moving towards the head. Head injuries are often serious or in some cases life threatening, which makes it crucial to ensure you and your employees are using effective head protection such as a bump cap or hard hat.

When is a bump cap needed?

A bump cap is a piece of safety equipment that protects the wearer from minor head bumps and lacerations, but will not protect the wearer from objects that fall or fly into the head. You should consider using a bump cap when there are risks of impact with stationary objects that you could walk into or ‘bump’ in to.

When is a hard hat needed?

Hard hats perform different safety functions opposed to bump caps, they are made from rigid material such as polymer, metal or fibreglass to protect from debris and falling objects that are unexpected that could result in serious injury. They do this by absorbing the shock of the impact as they are resistant to penetration, impact and sometimes even extreme heat conditions.

What do different coloured hats mean?

White helmets are generally worn by site managers or supervisors. Yellow helmets are typically the general labourers, while blue helmets are for carpenters and other technical operators. Green helmets signify safety inspectors and orange tend to be lifting operatives or traffic marshal, and red helmets are usually worn by fire marshals and grey helmets are usually reserved for site visitors. Of course this is just general practice, other sites may vary with their colour coding.

In case of emergency, this colour coding system helps workers identify who they need to report to in a quickly and efficient manner.

Where can I find my perfect Beeswift head protection?

You can shop our full head protection collection here: https://www.beeswift.co.uk/web/uk/itemsbycatagory.html?cat=Head%20%26%20Face%20Protection&sub=Head%20Protection

For any queries on finding your perfect head protection you can email our Sales Department at sales@beeswift.com

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