When fire strikes, there’s little time to waste. There’s always something at risk and handling a fire as quickly as possible protects lives and reduces damage. Firexo is a game-changing and complete way of extinguishing any type of fire in a matter of second.

Firexo is made of natural ingredients and unlike powder fire extinguishers, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Once Firexo has been used to extinguish a fire, it won’t reignite and in nearly all cases, the affected area is cool to the touch within minutes, allowing any debris to be disposed of quickly and normal life to resume faster.

The Firexo range includes a variety of products to suit all needs and budgets for households and all business sectors. Stock includes:

  • sachets for pan fires
  • small extinguishers
  • a range of extinguishers in different sizes for emergency use in the home, vehicles, businesses or anywhere where there is a risk of fire.

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    Monday 14th June 2021