Why should I choose a Ledlenser Torch?

LED Lenser torches use technology not found anywhere else. The world-class patented Advanced Focus System, which focuses the beam from the high-spec LED(s) rather than scattering it for improved long distance light and a high light intensity.


The Led Lenser H series
An exceptionally bright light in any situation. The H Series excels whether you work in dark locations or you're just looking for the Christmas decorations in the attic. There's a head torch in the Led Lenser H series for any situation.

The Led Lenser SEO Series
The combination of incredible lighting performance with award-winning design. Comfortable and lightweight, few head torches offer more illumination and support for night running than the Led Lenser SEO series. All SEO models come with an integrated white LED and a red safety light.

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Sunday 14th August 2022