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Beeswift Limited are fully aware of the possible impacts their activities could have upon the environment and their obligation to protect the health and safety of their employees.
To put these practices into action an Environmental Policy has been created to achieve certain objectives to reduce waste materials and educate staff to be more environmentally friendly.


  • Maintaining and Environmental Management System as a method of environmental improvement.
  • Reduce waste and consumption of resources (land, energy, materials etc)
  • Continually monitor and improve Environmental aspects.
  • Prevent any risk of pollution.
  • Providing relevant framework.
  • Communication of policy to all employees.

Waste Monitoring

The following waste is monitored and where possible is recycled.

Paper/Cardboard Waste is recycled where appropriate either by re-use or compacted and sent to a local recycling centre.

Waste Information

Waste Information Table

To help you decide which products are right for you or your customers we provide information about the waste materials used per carton of product. You can find this on most of our products on Beeswift Online.

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