Product Code: 3MM307

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3M Versaflo M-Series Headtops

• FR face seal.

The all-new 3M Versaflo M-Series features lightweight, compact and well-balanced helmets that offer protection from a range of respiratory, impact and splash hazards.

Integrated Protection for Multiple Hazards
• Provides protection from specific respiratory, head and eye hazards
• Offerings for hearing protection (H31P3AF 300 available separately)

Modern, Well Balanced Design
• Lightweight with excellent balance
• Fully-adjustable head suspension
• A deflector allows users to direct the airflow inside the headtop for increased control and comfort

Straightforward Care and Maintenance
• Spare parts and accessories are quick, easy and intuitive to replace

New Visor
• Visor design combines excellent peripheral and downward vision with good optical clarity
• Lens provide chemical and scratch resistance

• Respiratory - Assigned Protection Factor of 20 when used with TR-300
• Features a flame resistant faceseal for applications with hot particles
• Impact - EN166: B Medium Energy Impact Protection
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Wednesday 17th July 2019